tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

A lot of reviews - When the time is right...

Busy busy Blogger-Guy - Please make sure to follow high...!

I have been so obsessed and hung up with work - And is planning new projects...

Much more to come - When all is said and done :)

Right now I'm working on some great reviews from the real life!
We're talking skin care places in Denmark, Great (and top secret) vintage stores and new up coming mens designers...

And with a full time job - Its kinda hard keeping up all the good work on the blog - But I'm trying my best!
I want you so desperately to love the posts that hits the blog - But leave a comment and let me now whats on your mind...!

At this point I'm in Greve Hudplejecenter - Looking forward to a great day of work :)
Who would'nt work In surroundings like these...?

Same procedure tomorrow and on Friday I will travel the island Bornholm (The socalled sunshine island of Denmark)...

And of course - Lady Gaga is on the run on the blog :)))

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