tirsdag den 28. juni 2011

Une Femme Extravagant...

 Vous ne crois pas à Gaga...?
Vous êtes un incompétent...!


Photo: VMagazine cover

Mastering her own fate - Lady Gaga turns Fashion Medusa on the cover of V Magasine Japan...
Interview by Elton John Gaga...!

Interviewing Lady Gag Must be hard...
But appereantly the interviewer nows exactly what questions to ask - He him self know a thing or two about fashion, music and hitting against a wall trying to to change world with personality...

Elton John makes a great job as interviewer:
When do you feel most free...?
Were you encouraged to to perform as a child...?
Whats the most spectacular thing you have ever seen when looking into an audience...?

The answer to the last question was:
"Myself. It's like a magnificent disco ball, with twenty thousand tiny mirrors reflecting back at me. It requires me to be honest. I see myself in my fans. I feel God through their love. I worship little monsters. They're my religion. Without them, I don't exist"!

Enjoyed reading the interview - And do you want more go to Vmagazine.com

Pssst...Lady G is wearing the fragrance Alien by Theirry Mugler on the cover - You sure get insider knowledge buying this edition :) 

*** (You don't believe in Gaga...? - You are an incompetent...)

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