mandag den 23. maj 2011

Ever wondered if your male friend is gay...?

Just watch his packing . . . !

This is the definition of Structured Chaos...!
iPhone ✔

Marc Jacobs sleeve for Macbook
Macbook Pro
Lanvin H&M Butterfly and tie (suitable for the Grand-Pops 90 year old birhtday at sunday)
Dermalogica Skin Care Products - (Extremely Important for skin-survival)
Mulberry Wallet, calender, bag and toilet-case (I'm a big fan ;) )
Vintage gold ring

Lenses for 3 weeks (But only away for 1 - Just in case)

Gucci wacth ✔
Tom Ford Sun glasses ✔
Mulberry belt ✔
Perfumes - Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bond no. 9, Hermes, Calvin Klein and Theirry Mugler   

Shoes for every event...

In every color that spring provides!

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